The story behind Consecio

The idea behind Consecio came up when David and Åsa moved back to Sweden after a few years in California. They moved to a new city, had new jobs and needed to established a new social network. They simply met a lot of new people in different situations that they wanted to share contact info with.

Unfortunately there was no fast and simple solution that allowed sharing the information that was needed to exchange at any given time. Sometimes it was a job colleague, another time it was a neighbour or a parent in the kid's soccer team. It always ended up in asking for a phone number, calling the person and manually entering a name (that one hopefully remembered). "There must be a better solution for this!", David concluded. And this is how it all started. 

The project started in 2016, and Kristian joined a few months later. We applied and got accepted to the nine month long pre-incubator program at KTH Innovation in April 2017.  In April 2019, we received funding from Vinnova in the Innovative startups program.

Axel joined the founder team in 2020.